Average age of laying for NHR's?


10 Years
Aug 20, 2009
East Central VA
Have 3 NHR pullets, DOH 4/5/09. That's what.. 26 weeks? I know they probably won't lay just yet they're still a little spooked with being transplanted here. But I'm wondering if I should start an egg watch?
My NHR was a full 22 weeks when she began to lay, now at about 28 weeks she's my most consistent layer and just laid a HUGE double-yoker last week. Yours are probably a bit stressed, and it's true what you'll read here, when the comb is a brilliant red, they're about ready.
20 weeks for mine. I have 8 NHR's. I have a mixed flock of 23 pullets. I have 10 barred rocks that started first at around 18 weeks, and 5 buff orps that started really late and some still aren't laying right now at 24 weeks. All the chicks are the same age and were bought from Cackle Hatchery. I'm going to say that rather than different individuals starting to lay at different time, it's been pretty much by breed.
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I have 4 NHRs. They all started laying within about a week of each other, at about 16 weeks. I was amazed (but very pleased!) that they started so young. They are also very reliable; I get 4 eggs nearly every day.

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