Average Chick Weight (bantams and standards)???


Feb 16, 2021
Central VA
Our chicks are now 4 weeks and 4 days old, and they are growing well (sorry I forgot about updating sooner). They are growing lots of new feathers and will be moving to their coop soon! Here are their weights (they were weighed on Monday):

Bantam Brahma: 190 grams

Polish: 201 grams

bantam frizzle cochin: 155 grams

Bantam cochin: 142 grams

blue silkie: 102 grams

white silkie: 120 grams

Easter egger: 281 grams (she is really big compared to all the other chicks)

Orpington: 242 grams

Mille Fleur D'uccle bantam: 120 grams

They are all super active and seem healthy, I will update their weights again soon :)
I appreciate your question and updates. I weigh my chicks (daily) and pullets (weekly or daily if on Corid) also! My chicken mentor says it indicates best practices! I just like it for information and I think it also helps to identify possible issues early. My EE is coming up on 4 weeks old and weighing in today at 252 grams. I weigh early morning before they start eating. I have also weighed at night before bed, for curiosity on food intake and consumption. Interestingly, the bedtime weight on 9/23/21 for 2 chicks is the same as the morning weight today (9/25/21).

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