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Feb 28, 2013
I have a healthy 5 mos old lavendar orpington rooster who has developed these growths on his comb. He has no other signs of illness. None of the other chickens have it...yet. Does this look like a dry pox for you veterans out there or is it something else and how do I treat it?
Thanks, Trish
Yes, I'd say that that's fowl pox. Your other birds might not have it yet because the disease has not spread yet, or they have not been bitten by an infected mosquito/flying insect.

There is no treatment for Fowl Pox. It will run its course in three weeks or so. However, treating your bird's area for flying insects will help prevent further spread of the disease.

Antibiotics will help prevent secondary bacterial infection due to stress. Terramycin or other types of oxytetracycline are good antibiotics. Giving electrolytes and probiotics will also help with stress (just don't give probiotics when using antibiotics).

To make the birds more comfortable, you can try to remove the scabs. Put some petroleum jelly on the scabs, which will soften them. This should aid you in removing them.

A vaccine for Fowl Pox is available. If the disease becomes more prevalent (due to an increase in mosquitoes, etc), you could consider vaccinating in the future.

Hope I've helped!
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Thank you! This picture was taken last week & I posted while editing pics & then checked him. They are gone already (it's been a busy week & I hadn't really had time to commit to this until today). I put some coconut oil on his comb anyways & am eyeballing everyone else but so far none of the others have anything similar. Is there anything else it could have been since it went away quickly?
Wow Kathy, that looks gnarly!
I am hoping I got off *easy* and that it isn't going to hit the others harder. I free range & feed organic Scratch and Peck feed. I had been so good about putting ACV & Oregano oil in my water but had laxed up. I raised these chicks with grassfed raw meat & coconut oil but after I moved everyone outside I laxed off on that as well. Now I am going to go back to that protocol & just be more diligent as I really don't like the thought of spending more time having to hand treat 22 chickens (and there are some eggs being sat by a couple broody hens right now, too). Hopefully this was just a mild wake up call to do what I know I am supposed to!

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