avian pox!?!?!?


8 Years
May 30, 2011
We currently have 14 layers...well now it is 13. We lost a hen over the weekend..her comb was all scally and shruken.

Is it possible the group of the layers have avian pox?? Several of the ladies have a few black spots on there comb....they are active and otherwise healthy looking...

If they do have it, where can I get the medication to help get rid of it? And are the eggs still okay to eat?



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Welcome to BYC. The hen that you lost doesnt sound like fowl pox unless it was wet fowl pox in which she wouldve died of starvation, not able to swallow feed. Several black spots on the others combs could be picking/pecking at each other for one reason or another. If it is dry fowl pox, it is a virus and there is no cure. It will have to run its course which usually takes 2-4 weeks to disappear. They will be immune to it after it disappears. If there are any secondary infections such as where they may have scratched one of the nodules, apply neosporin without pain reliever to the injury. Fowl pox is transmitted by mosquitos and can be transmitted by wild birds as well. You can put iodine on scabs or nodules to help dry them up, that's about all you can do til it goes away on its own. The eggs are edible.

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