Aviary netting or hardware cloth?

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  1. Daniellegandee

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    Jun 11, 2012
    Hi there. I need help deciding if aviary netting is safe enough for covering a new extended run that we are in the process of building. I currently have a very secure coop and run but live in a mountain area with a lot of predators. We have lost feathered friends already to fox, coyotes and almost a cooper hawk while our backs were turned! I guard my chickens everyday and don't leave their side but want them to have more time out pecking around in a safe enclosed area. We we have posts dug and cemented in place and will be using deer/coyotes fencing along the sides. Question is for the covering. I think aviary netting would look best but I am worried if a fox or day time raccoon could get in but scaling the fence. The area is a large sloping hill and we have added middle support posts for helping to hold up whichever material chosen for top. Does anyone have any experience with 1) best way to secure netting to side fencing and 2) which material is truly the safest? Thankyou so much for any advice! We want to complete the job this weekend.

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    What about using aviary netting and running a hotwire along the bottom to prevent climbers? I have chicken wire on the top of mine and haven't had any trouble. I'm extending the run and will be using aviary netting.

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