Aw shoot - temp fluctuations, any chance?


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Sep 12, 2008
West Sacramento, CA
I got my quail eggs yesterday and popped them in late at night. I'd already run the 'bator to make sure it was working.

BUT, I didn't run it with my homemade turner in there, or with any eggs. It turned out that my fan wasn't strong enough, so with the extra obstructions, the temperature ranged from about 104 on one end to 98 on the other.

And then today, my stepson turned the light off. TOTALLY not his fault. I meant to tape the light switch up, and we've been teaching him to turn light switches off when he leaves the he's formed a habit...

It was off for a couple hours, and temps were a little over 80 when I turned it back on.

I came home with a bigger fan, installed it, and now temps are perfect on both ends of the 'bator with perfect consistency.

Any chance I'll get any survivors from this?

Thanks. I'm pretty bummed already. I built the incubator from MissPrissy's instructions, and just finished building a hutch for them over the weekend. This is the first time I've ever tried to incubate eggs.
Dont give up on them! I almost did but somebody told me not too. My temps went from 120* to 96* could never get it straight and most of mine hatched. So don't give up. OK good luck, Sandy
I would have to assume (and I hate that word, usually), that when a hen incubates there is absolutly no way even she can keep temps at a perfect 99.5-100.5*. Temps fluctuate naturally, seems like that wouldn't be a huge problem with incubators, unless they get cooked somehow. Just think of the time the eggs cooled a bit as the time Mama Hen went off for a bit to potty, dust bathe and get a snack. Maybe then you won't be as worried. Hope that helps. This will be my first time incubating also, I bought the incubator Monday and have been fiddling with temps since then, my eggs aren't due to show up until next week. I just want to make absolutly sure. :) But, I am also trying not to stress too much about possible fluctuations in temps and that is how I hope to justify them. (Give me 30 seconds and I can justify just about anything LOL).
Best wishes for a HUGE healthy hatch!
Mine have fluctuated as I work in a new homemade incubator but I've got chicks developing right along.

Don't give up til about 25 days have passed for chickens, more for turkeys (which is what I'm working on).

Some of these eggs that are rocking right along were nearly frozen when I found them.

I'm really sure nature sort of allows for fluctuations as long as you don't roast them for huge periods of time.
I am holding out luck that my temp fluctuatinng didnt kill my eggs...

Think of how many countries have chickens and other birds...then think how many of them have perfect temps and birds that have no "necessities" food, potty, itches, etc.

Here in Texas it gets HOT...and chickens STILL hatch out babies...even in hot months when temps get to 120...what animal in the world stays at a perfect 99.5 when its 120 F out?

SO...don't give up...I refuse, I have two bators full and am hoping that my temp fluctuating is not killer. I'm a first-timer, and I candle in two days to see how my lives are faring.

Happy hatching vibes for you....good luck!

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