Away from Home: An Adventure Away from My Flock


6 Years
Apr 14, 2013
Deep South Texas
Hello, friends. It has been a rough couple of weeks and I've come to know that sharing my experiences helps me cope. I've lived a fairly sheltered life with little conflict that couldn't be resolved with talking and hugging it out.

Nowadays, however, I've had to be an adult and have made adult decisions.

I lived in my tiny hometown of Harlingen, Texas where I raised a flock of chickens, ducks, quail, and three guineas. I would come home from work everyday and revel in the peace if iwning a flock that would follow me around, watching and grazing as I took it all in whilst doing my chores. It was simple.

But then I had to move. I was offered a great opportunity to leave my town and venture to Austin, Texas where I could continue working. Now, I live with a large family (two adults an nine kids) and am honestly feeling overwhelmed.

This place is different. There is imbalance between male and female roles. The kids are riled up and homeschooled. The yard is minuscule in comparison to the lush pasture I'm used to and there is a Home Owner's Association that I've learned we must abide by.

I don't even have a way if leaving for a couple hours. I'm terrified of driving and I'd have to walk about two miles to the nearest bus stop and maybe I would make it someplace where I'd feel comfortable.

It's hard. During the day, I feel exhausted. At night, my mind won't relax. Hearing an endless mantra if "Miss Laura, Miss Laura, do you want to paint/draw/read/play?" is exhausting. Did I tell you that the kids were riled up? 'Cause they are.

This is my journey through the big city, for however long I have here. I'm still adjusting and I feel fairly uncomfortable, but hopefully I'll have a chance to update you all on my life as I go through it.

Any advice in moving to Austin would be great (it any other city, actually). All advice helps.
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