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    Mar 17, 2012
    I found these birds when doing some research on another type bird. I kinda thought I had to have some. Well guess what I haven't been able to find anything here in the states and I have no clue how to import bird. I wrote greenfire farms an Email asking if the would hold my hand on how to go about importing some bird and they were very short with me. Can anyone that knows alot about importing eggs or birds or that has done it please chime in.

    A few questions:

    Cost to import eggs,chicks or adult birds

    how to find a breeder that has great birds and you can trust

    Would I a no body be able to make my money back in a lifetime

    I know some of the other rare bird imports over for $90-$300 as day old chicks could I expect to get anything like that?

    Here are a few video that I have found if you aren't sure what these birds are.

  2. Resolution

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    I have some Ayam Ketawa genetics -composite with other Indonesian breeds. The guffaw crow is not dominate but present in some roosters. The females also sing. Due to pandemic situation very difficult if not impossible to import directly from Indonesia. There are Indonesian genetics in other countries- Dubai and Japan for example-
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    To import, you contact your state's office of the federal APHIS veterinarian. They will give you information about importing.

    If you are permitted, then the birds must go through quarantine at a licensed quarantine station.

    As to how you find a reliable breeder, I would suggest that you fly over there and attend a poultry show. If you don't speak the language, you can normally hire a college student to travel along and translate for you. Contact a university near where you will be and ask them to provide a bilingual student for you. It's not expensive to hire a student. They get to practice their language skills, get a nice day out, have a good meal purchased for them, and receive a small sum of money. You can easily find someone eager to do it.

    I suggest that you purchase your birds and take possession at the same time. Deliver them to the vet and then transport them to the airline yourself.

    Check with the airlines before you go to make sure they don't require the use of a broker.
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    Mar 17, 2012
    Thank you so much..... One question, do you know what would be the cheapest to bring back eggs,chicks or mature birds?

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