Ayden saw his surgeon today- not so great news

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    The surgeon is going in again with the camera dec.1st to check his trach. he probably will not be doing anymore ballooning to open up his trach. aparemtly its not doing very much dialating of his trach. the scartissue is attached to his vocal cords so 99 % chance he will have to have the major surgery where they will have to remove some ribs to rebuild his trachea when he is two. he will be placed in a drug induced coma for abolut two weeks unless his trachea miraculously grows enough for him to breathewith out the stoma... also they did a hearing test on Ayden today and he has major hearing loss in his left ear. he has some fluid behing his ear drum(common for trach patients) when the put him to sleep to do the camera they will check his ears and if there is fluid they will put tubes in... His mother is heart broken with the news about the trachea. but we new he probably would need the other surgery... please keep Ayden and his parents in your prayers..
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    Prayers! I believe in miracles...
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    Jan 17, 2011
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    I had this thought as I read the update on Ayden. He really must be meant for something great I think. If you look at so many great people they did not have an easy time. It built them up and made them stronger and more determined. With all he has gone through and will have to go through. How through all that you can show us that adorable smiling healthy baby boy, well I just think it means we can expect some very special things from Ayden.

    He will stay in our prayers.
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    Just saw this. Prayers up for Ayden and his family.
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    Sorry to hear this about Ayden. That poor kid (and all his family!) have been through so much. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Have you sat down and asked the Lord for healing yourself for this little boy?

    Prayers from others lend support, but it is your personal requests to God that make the difference, he is your family member. This is the way such has been explained to me and what I believe. This is what Jesus Christ required of those he healed or their close relations if the healee was unable to speak for themselves.

    When I was 4 years old, I broke my wrist on the school playground. My parents picked me up and took me to the hospital. The Orthopedic doctor was not in and had no intention of coming in... it was a friday. The doctor that was there had taken the X-rays showing the fracture, then put a splint on my wrist and sent us home with instructions to come back on Monday when the orthopedic doctor was in to set the bone.

    As I said it was a friday night, my parent were pretty upset but had agreed to go to a home fellowship that was being held by a friend for the first time that night, so with little else to be done, we went. Everyone there prayed for me, and my parents took the leap and prayed for my wrist to be healed. Monday came around, and the visit to the orthopedic doctor... He took another set of X-rays before setting it, to see how the bone might have shifted over the weekend... and there wasn't a break to be seen. My mom had kept, for years after, the set of X-rays with the date stamp showing the date of the Friday visit, and the set of X-rays with the Moday visit date stamp... a three day difference, one with a broken bone, and one without a visible flaw. The doctor that day was pretty stunned.. and my mom always quoted him as saying "Gee, kids heal fast, don't they?!"

    I've been blessed to see a lot of miracles and alot of healing in my short time here... and one factor every sucess has in common is that the closest party is on board 100% with their prayers and their belief in God doing the healing that needs done. In the name of Jesus Christ, Son of God Almighty, Amen.

    To those who may find this post not to their liking, the request was for prayers, this is about the little boy.
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    My prayers are with Ayden and the entire family, I pray for strength for all of you and especially for his blessed little body and his mom, I pray it all turns out right and that his guardian Angel is there to guide him through this.

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