Aye carumba! Guess who's broody?


9 Years
May 7, 2010
My hens came in groups of 3's. 3 barred rocks, 3 americaunas, 3 RIRs and 3 anti-social wynadottes. And one of my wynadottes is brooding on 8 or 9 eggs. She has a good growl, but doesn't get too perturbed if I come up and pat her back or give her food. I had a feel under her the other day and she's definetely keeping the eggs warm and the humidity was good. I just wonder what the chicks are going to grow up as because their mom's an anti-socialite!
Wow! That's so exciting! What kind of a rooster do you have? Chicks are fun... Have you hatched before? If not, you will like hatching your own better than buying them! Enjoy this time!
i had a phoenix rooster but I killed him for attacking my daughter too many times.

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