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Jun 17, 2011
When this lil guy (Glimpton) was born, his leg was deformed. It was as if it was on completely backwards and his foot was upsidedown and the vet said there was nothing I could do about it besides have it removed. He said he would be fine with it because it is all the duck knows so I left it. His other leg was fine. He is about 2 months old now and not growing like the other healthy ducks that were born at the same time. He is much smaller.

Well, now his other leg has stopped working
. Im not sure if he strained it or what but I have always kept him in a seperate cage from the other ducks because they pick on him and he can't defend himself. Now he can't even hardly move. Even before this he never really was able to even hop but he could still get around somehow and now he just rocks back and forth and can't move at all
. His eyes have also started weaping now. I have him in my bedroom keeping a close eye on him because he didn't seem to be doing very well at all a couple of days ago but seems a little better now. I was hoping if I gave it a few days I could nurse him back to health. I've inspected the legs and nothing seems to be wrong. It seems like it may be in the hip!?! He is normally quite lively quacking a lot and scooting around. I was just wondering if there are any suggestions or advice? Is there something I can give him for the pain? My husband says they will want to put him down if he can't walk and doesn't want to spend loads of money on a duck. I really don't think that is fair. Surely there is something that can be done. Please help.
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I have cared for a number of disabled Indian Runner ducks with leg issues - and from what you describe- and knowing how big and heavy an Aylesbury can be- he has probably strained his good leg. It may get better with rest - but it will be a recurring problem for him.

My Aylesbury is so huge he needs help to get in and out of a kiddie pool - and although Glimpton is still young, hoping around will put a huge strain on his good leg- and also his heart. I have an inside duck right now- Ollie hatched with both of his hock joints dislocated and has never been able to walk- he is a happy boy- but takes a lot of care. I keep him living on towels- as being on shavings or hay- it would get in his eyes causing problems. The weeping is common with ducks that have mobility problems. Giving Glimpton a swim every day is important for him to clean himself. He may need support both in the water and while preening,as disabled ducks can often have balance problems.
Thank you so much. That makes me feel a lot better that Ollie was born that way and is absolutely fine now. I think you are absolutely right about everything you said. I watch him closely while he is in the bath and I haven't been supporting him while he is preening but I will start. The good news is that he seems a lot healthier and perkier than he did the other day
:woot. I think he may have had a bit of a cold also. He just seemed so tired. I have been keeping him inside at night with me and during the day, I keep him outside in a clear box on towels so he can be close to his brothers and sisters. I can tell they miss him and he misses them too. I think during the winter I will have him in all the time because he doesn't seem to do very well with the cold even though it doesn't get bitterly cold here. Do you think the other ducks will be ok in the cold? I have a house out there for them to sleep in at night, should that be heated? It really doesn't get too cold here but it does get cold so I wasn't sure. Also, have you ever tried the duck harness diapers? Are they any good? Can I make one myself and how? lSorry so many questions lol. I am just thinking that they may be better for Glimpton if he is going to be inside all the time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help. xoxo
I have Ollie set up in a babies portacot. He moves around by pushing himself with his hocks so pressure points and rubbing of skin are a concern- meaning I want him to be in a soft cushioned area. I have a dogs bed in there- with his water wedged into the corner so he doesnt tip it over. he has been alone since he was about 4 weeks old and has adapted to a solo life. He gets a swim as often as possible. Which is only once a week right now as he is molting and almost bald. So far the molt has taken 2 months, and he has some regrowth, but is so bare I am beginning to think I may have to make him a little jacket. Being so cold here still in the evenings- I dont want to risk him getting a chill. Being that he cant stand upright I do worry about his lungs as well. He is over a year old now and is only having his first molt- so apart from his legs- something else is very wrong with him as his development is extremely slow. He gets cuddles in the evening- and taken outside on the grass when the weather is good enough. I bring him visitors sometimes- young ducks around 4 weeks old mostly- but he doesnt sem to interested in them . I havent tried a diaper with any of my disabled ducks, it can be messy at times cleaning the towels... (
) but if done every day- its not too bad. You could make one yourself though - I have seen some patterns on the internet.
I have to be very careful in cleaning his bedding in summer especially, a single fly in the house is sprayed as soon as I find any to avoid them bothering him as well, so that kind of thing puts me off using diapers on him.

anp, if the duck can't get around and seems to be in pain, perhaps the kindest thing is to put it to sleep. There might possibly be other birth defects in addition to the leg. Sometimes birth defects aren't visible yet have a negative effect on the quality of life.

You have to think about the duck's quality of life, not your own feelings.
Hi, He doesn't seem to be in pain anymore. I think he just strained his leg. He seems fine in all other aspects again now so it seems unneccessary to have him put down. I am a full time house wife and I can be with him a lot and look after him very well. I am not only thinking of my own feelings, I just want to do the right thing for him. I said it wasnt fair (meaning on him) because he was absolutely fine a week ago. He honestly seems more frustrated than anything but who can blame him, I would be too. I just felt that with a few days of rest he could heal and he seems to be doing much better now. I do understand where you are coming from but my intent is good. He really doesn't seem in pain, especially enough pain to put him down. He will get lots of love and care. I intend to take very good care of glimps with the best of intentions.

I will keep everyone posted on his progress over the next couple of weeks! Thank you all for your helpful comments. I do appreciate them! xo
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Well his 'good' leg is still not working and the leg seems to be out to the side now. Other than that, he seems in very good spirits. His eyes have stopped weaping so much and he is back to his normal self again quacking, very active and wagging is tail
!!! He actually seems quite happy to be back inside. He has started tapping his foot when he gets excited. Should a healthy duck be put to sleep just because his legs don't work? He can get around in the bath just fine (I watch him closely though just in case). He is still unable to move around (on land lol) on his own unless he REALLY wants to (like if there is a grape that he can't reach). I have never dealt with anything like this before. This is the first time I have ever had ducks. I just wanted everyone to know how he is doing for those of you who care
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I think he is over using his good leg, which is quickly becoming another "bad" leg from the stress. Pretty soon he will not have a leg to stand on. Imagine what pain you would be in if your legs got twisted ways they were not intended to point, and you had to walk on them. Put him down if he gets worse. He will not get better.

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