[b]helped chick, may have done more harm than good, what can i do?[/b]


11 Years
Mar 31, 2008
The little chick has been stuck without making any headway for the whole day. It would chirp and barley move. So I read about helping the chich on this websight.
Now I'm wondering if I did more harm than good.

could pulling off all the shell but not the membrane hurt/kill the chick?
It wasn't bleeding at all, the membrane was very dry inside, I added more water to the incubator to help the other eggs.
I'm wondering if I did more harm than good.
It's still alive but eyes still closed and floping around. It is 24 days now. It started pipping on day 21.

I don't know what to do for it now.

any suggestions on what I can do to help it?
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I've never taken the entire shell off, just the area around the head. If the outer membrane is dry and white it can't get itself out. I'd suggest locating the beak area, tearing a small hole, and checking the inside membrane. If you dampen it and see obvious veins with filled with blood it hasn't absorbed them yet. If you don't you might enlarge the hole in the membrane a little more and a little more until you have either a chick or run into too much blood. There will be some blood,, it shouldn't pump or well from the egg. Good luck!
I've had some in that condition. I slowly broke the shell with a pair of tweezers. Each time it was that late, and the membrane was really dry, the "umbelical" was already detached. If it isn't, wrap it in a damp washcloth, or even an old clean sock (i like socks, because they are a perfect size) just make sure you leave the head out.
What Kate said is right. Tear a small hole in the membrane where his head should be, if you see any blood start to pool up stop there and wrap with warm moist paper towel. I'm thinking at day 24, if your temps have been right you can just tear him out, but do make a small hole first to be sure. Without the shell on there now, the membrane will dry up around him and squeeze him to death.
It seems to be doing ok. It's flopping around, chirping loudly. Hubby said that's what the others looked like.
So, maybe he'll come out alright.
Sure gave me a scare and I felt really bad. I didn't want to interfer with Mother Nature.
The other 2 I didn't peel off very much. A third one doesn't seem like any life is in there. I smelled it, doesn't smell bad just yet. We'll see.

Thanks all for your advice.

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