BA in business? What is it really?

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    DD, 21, who is 2 months prego and newly married wants to go back to school. She has a massage therapy degree that she doesn't use. She really doesnt know what she wants to get a degree in, but has the time and money right now to go back to school. Our local little college offers a BA in business, totally on-line. That really interests her at the moment. Shes not the sharpest tool in the shed. What kind of classes would involve a business degree? She says someday she would like to own her own spa so this might come in handy. Any advice to a wayward DD? Shes afraid if she waits, she wont ever go back.
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    I'm a business minor and I have to say that the classes I've had to take are not all that difficult. A lot of business classes deal with real life common sense sort of stuff. I'm a biology major, so compared to those classes, business has been a breeze!

    There is some math and equations involved with a degree in business, and some of it can get a bit complicated. The other classes I had to take like marketing and management are more about definitions and group projects. Online she might not have to deal with group projects.

    All in all, I do think there is a lot of valuable information to be had by getting a degree in business. However, I have also been told that (like many other areas) right now business jobs are difficult to come by, and many people have gone on to get their MBA (Masters in business) to try and get a leg up in the employment community.

    Seems like a good place for her to start though. I would recommend taking more general classes first, in case she changes her mind.
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    She can expect finance and accounting, math, marketing, economics, human resources, and in some cases statistics. And all the electives too.
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    I'm getting my Assoc in Business Admin right now. I'm set to graduate in February. Still don't know exactly what I want to get my BA in yet. I was leaning toward marketing, but I'm afraid the economy isn't strong enough or stable enough for me to pursue that field. There is Algebra, Finance, computers, English Comp, Biology, and a TON of business classes, including business law. I'm nearly done, and oh so glad too, lol. But I've enjoyed most of the classes (except this stupid finance class that I am floundering through right now). Go to a website, like the school she plans to go to and check out the degree and what courses need to be taken for it. Then deduct what she already has taken, and the remainder is what she will have to take. Most schools are pretty specific about what needs to be taken in order to get the degree. I'm attending AIU online. Each school's classes may differ, but the topics covered are pretty much the same. It just is up to the school and the individual teacher as to how the class is taught and what materials get focused. I made the mistake of waiting. I'm 35 and just returned to school last year after a 16 year hiatus. I wish I would have finished college way back when, but I didn't. But I am now. I wish your daughter luck. I understand why she wants to do it now. I applaud her for her motivation. I wish I'd had it at her age!
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    First, I'd try to see if she could get some "career" counseling and also business advice. There are Chambers of Commerce who have a program called score - senior corps of retired executives giving advice to business startups and other programs.

    With her massage therapy, she could go to work for places like chateau elan as an intern, or therapist. She could also work at some upscale assisted living and get them to offer this as an add on option for their residents. She could work with homehealth programs and have this offered to patients/caregivers with chronic pain.

    there are a lot of ways she could use her existing degree, depending on her interest. I think that for her to get some literal experience now is important and start building a customer base. And some advice from other therapist as to how to market.

    Pm me as you need and best of wishes and luck! Have a blessed day. Nancy

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