Babies + 9 week olds?


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Jun 10, 2013
Battle Ground, SW Washington
I have 6 nine week old chicks, but will be getting rid of the roo when he's big enough to be dinner, leaving me with 5 pullets. Anyway, our coop is almost finished and the nine weekers will be getting booted out of the brooder(if you want to call it that, it's basically just a cardboard pen now) finally and into the coop.

I'm going to be getting 3 more chicks(baby brooder set up and everything and now I'm impatient!!! I want to go tonight! The feed store is only 10 minutes away, but don't think I'll be able to convince anyone to take me), and anyway, they'll be in my room for like the first week so I can keep a close and constant eye on them, and then I'll be booting them to the garage. When and how should I introduce them to the bigger ones? Think there will be any major problems? I only see Pepper (the cockerel) being a problem, but we'll only have him for several more weeks. Ideally I'd like the chicks to be out with the others as soon as they're feathered, and since it's starting to get warmer, they'll definitely be able to go out a lot sooner than my chicks now(that and the fact our coop isn't done is what's kept my current babies all stuck up in the garage... don't worry though, they get lots of play time outside =) )

gahhh I'm so excited for three more babies!! I don't know what I'll get at all. I at least want another RIR, but not sure on the other two still. =) Was thinking Barred Rock and EE, but my feed store has a BIG variety.
I was able to successfully integrate new hatchlings with varying ages up to 10 week olds, but from what I've heard that is very uncommon. I did end up splitting them up because one of the little guys got stepped on and didn't make it :'(
A lot of people say the best way to integrate flocks is to have them divided into their groups right next to each other with chicken wire or something where they can see and get used to each other for a few weeks before putting them together and keeping an eye out for rough pecking and such. Every time I integrated a new age group I would watch them for a few hours (I'm a bit obsessed...) to make sure everything went smoothly. All my babies are really sweet to each other.

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