Babies are HERE!!! YAY!


7 Years
Dec 26, 2012
Oh Happy Day! After what seemed like a lifetime waiting, I got a message Saturday morning that my chicks had shipped, and I picked them up this morning (Monday) at 6am. When I went in the loading dock entrance to the PO, I was greeted by the happy sounds of not only my 16 but two other orders of chicks from MM. My 16 were happy and active and were eating the gro-gel from my fingers as I put it on the crumble. I was SO worried about their trip from IA to PA, but as it (usually) turns out, I was worrying for no reason! I've decided I'm about worthless in the office today, so I'm heading home to check up on the newest arrivals. I think the chick that's my (free) mystery chick is a gray one with a crest...any thoughts as to what it might be?

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