Babies hatching to 5 broody moms


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Mar 10, 2009
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I have 3 mile fluers and 2 banty mix hens that are all laying on top of each other in 1 nest, I dont know how many eggs are under them all together, but there is at least 12. This is my first time with chickens going broody ( I guess I should not have just let them do what they wanted!
) Anyway, 2 days ago there was 2 tiny tiny chicks out in the run, peeping their little hearts out, not a single mother to been seen, I took them inside and put them in my brooder, ( which I had just turned off last week) I have 9 chicks (3 weeks old)under heat out in the coop. Also 10 chicks (3 months old). Anyway to get back to the point, another tiny one hatched yesterday and I took that one inside also. Should I just continue to take them inside as they hatch? It doesnt look like any of the mothers are too concerned about them. Thanks for any advice
Under my Muscovys I just take the babies away as they hatch. I have chicken turkey and Muscovy eggs under them and take them away as they hatch. They will stop laying when they are broody.

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