8 Years
Mar 17, 2011
Melrose, Florida
I went to let the guineas and chickens out and Sophia has hatched out some eggs. She has been sitting on eggs in the dogloo again so I have just been blocking the opening to help keep her safer and low and behold I saw two baby keets poking out from under her. I saw one pearl and one that looks to be a lav. Yahoo!!!!! I so am not prepared though. She has only been sitting on them consistently for about a week now, before that she was mostly just sitting on them at night and a little bit during the day. I will get pics later today if I can.
Yay!!! Sounds like you finally got a replacement Lavender keet!
So far I can see 2 light ones that I am thinking are lavs and 3 pearls. I have hardware cloth over the opening and it is a tad dark in the back of the dogloo so it is hard to see really well. I think she was setting on about 15 eggs so I am excited to see how many actually hatch.
Yay! Maybe 2 Lavenders!!! Congrats! I remember how thrilled I was to finally hatch out my first 2 Lavenders last year after having nothing but Pearl Grey, Royal Purple and Buff Dundotte keets hatch for years and years, lol.

Are you gonna let Sophia raise this clutch, or take them away and raise them in a brooder? I'd be extra paranoid about the risk of losing these 2 Lavenders after what you experienced with the last one

Can't wait to see pics!
I am thinking of letting her keep them, penned of course, for the first couple of weeks and then I am taking any of them that aren't pearls and raising them and then using them for breeding next year. We are all woods with lots of predators so I don't want any light colored fowl free-ranging, especially since I had to re-home my roo.

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