Baby bantams with Red Sexlinks?


10 Years
Mar 30, 2014
I have 4 red pullets and 2 cute bantams (see my profile photo!) (all around 2.5 weeks old) I am keeping them separate for now, but I am hoping to move the full sized chicks into the coop this next week. I don't mind keeping the bantams inside for a bit more, but how long should I wait to introduce them? I don't really have any option for separate cages outside.

Also, I can't keep roosters and I think that one bantam may be a rooster, should I get rid of the pair, or can I just keep one bantam hen with 3-4 full sized hens?

Also, they can fly pretty well (already) and we live in the city, 5.5 foot fences around the yard, but that is it... I will have to clip wings if we are to keep them. At what age can you clip them and should I clip 1 or 2?


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