baby being singled out?


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Feb 26, 2013
So since my first attempt in February we've hatched 8 more chicks. Two came a week and a half to two weeks after the other ones. they all have been getting along very well. I recently noticed that the other ones have been like "pecking" at one of the smaller ones behind. its all raw and featherless. I don't know whats going on. He has been walking around pretty slowly and just standing around.
pecking order is starting to come in place. take the bully out and keep him away from the others but close enough that he sees the others... depending on the age they may be getting bored with each other and they need to get out side. How old are they? I had the same problem... try giving the hurt one a dip in some warm water and dry him with a hair dryer. also put baby powder on him and it'll cover and blood, clot it, and it might help feather growth. You might wanna seperate that one too just untill he grows his feathers back.
there is no blood only the feathers are gone. and he looks a little swollen. the first 6 are about 4 weeks and the other little guys are about 2 weeks old. I have the little one out right now in a warm tank with food and water. they seem fine with the other baby though.
Seperate the age groups... they more big chicks. The more bullied little chicks... your going to want to get the 6 week olds out side to play... that are old enough to were they are bored or the brooder and need more space and sone fresh air........ goid luck
well the little baby died but we expected it. we have them in a stall in the barn now running around they seem happy.

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