Baby Blackbird


Pine Hill Farm
11 Years
Apr 24, 2009
I watched a baby Blackbird fall out of the nest yesterday and sat for two hours and watched the mama bird try to help it before my cats discovered it. It can't fly yet, so I took it out of my cat's mouth and brought it inside. It is healthy and not injured by the cat, thank goodness. I have been feeding it every three hours all night and today with warmed Gamebird feed gruel. It's eating well, but I know it's not the right thing for it to eat. Does anyone have any input or advice? I called the local avian center and they said thye'd just put it down, so, against the law or not, I'm keeping it until it is old enough to fly away.
Can you try to put it back in its mama's nest? She'll probably be looking for it. That would be best for the baby, too.

I cared for a baby robin that had fallen out of it's nest during a rainstorm. It was still very young. Anyhow, remember that mama doesn't feed her baby during the night. She just sets on them until they get bigger and have their feathers. So you can feed the little black bird several small meals a day, but at night, make sure it's warm enough and turn out the lights. It will be just sleeping and not expending calories, so it should be fine.

I think you're feeding it a good diet. Good job!
we raised 4 robins last year that were naked when we first found them . Crows had attacked the nest and destroyed it. The mother and father we so distraught they flew off! Went online and found some info to feed babies. They like protein all day, I fed them earthworms cut in small pieces so they could get them down(several times a day) , baby food(veal), and they like fruit, berries and such if you can afford it. Its a well rounded diet. I also gave them mashed hardboiled egg to vary it a bit. I did provide a lamp for warmth until they got feathers after that they kept each other warm, Try googling orphaned blackbirds and see what comes up so you can get a better idea of what their diet is like. Good Luck with your baby. Adkmama
I rescued a baby robin recently and had to care for it for several days before turning it over to a wildlife rescue/rehab group. I was advised to assume that any wild bird is a potential carrier of disease and parasite infestation and should be kept well away from my chickens. If you are using one of your brooders to care for this bird, be sure to sterilize it thoroughly before introducing any new chicks to it. You don't want your compassion for that little Blackbird to come back and bite you in the rear by endangering your other birds.
I was going to have DH climb the tree to find the nest, but the pine trees are about 50ft. tall.

It has lots of feathers, and still some fluff, but can't fly. It just sits there and lets me feed it. So ugly, it's cute.
Thanks for the advice, I'll have DH bring home some nightcrawlers and meal worms.

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