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    Jul 25, 2016
    Hello! My partner and I have two lovely bunnies! One is a black otter mini-Rex named Roxy! And our Buck is a broken grey lionhead lop mix. We are planning to breed them, they accidentally bred and had a litter without us knowing. Sadly the first liter passed away. Does anyone have an advice for novice breeders with an inexperienced doe?
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    Never keep buck and does in one cage. Only put them together for mating so you know when to expect babies.
    Make sure she's always has food and water and correct size nest box and nesting material at least several days before the due date.
    Here's some pics of my bunnies.
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    Mar 30, 2016
    While I haven't kept rabbits in years, I can tell you I had a VERY young female (a dumped, and pregnant Easter bunny) who had a litter and didn't know what to do, kicking them out of the cage, etc. None made it. However, as she matured, poor thing would periodically pull out belly fur and make a beautiful nest for babies that were never coming, as she was a single bunny rescue. My point in sharing this is that as she matured over mere months, she absolutely knew what to do and would've been a fantastic mom next time around. So, hope for your next litter[​IMG]

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