Baby chick is always sleepy and using wings for support


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Dec 4, 2013
Hi I don't know if I should be worried or not but one of my little buffs about 2-3 days old is always sleeping and using its wings for support I think it might be dieing but I don't know please help.
That is sad, try to add a little of sugar to its water to peck it up, hopefully it survive. I ordered 17 chicks two weeks ago and only 1 did not made it : ( but the rest did : )
Hi so I took a water bottle cap and filled it with water and gave it to him but kept the other chicks away and now he seems to be getting stronger. I think the other chicks were just keeping him from the water until he was to weak to fight back. Hopefully he will make it he is standing and not letting them push him around but lets hope.
When my Buff Orpingtons were chicks I had one that was a bit lethargic. She ended up dying because of "pasty butt"...which was why she wasnt acting lively like all the others. Make sure your has a clean bum...if it has poop built up soak a paper towel in warm water and hold it on her till it is softened and you can easily remove...then dry with a gentle blow drying stream of air so it doesnt catch a chill. Check your chicks daily.
Shes pooping I just saw her poop but I think the other chicks are just pushing her away when ever she gose to eat or drink. Like when she whent for water one of the chicks ran over and pushed her away and then whent back to eating...
Good news! I had to syringe feed one of my chicks a bit of water a few weeks ago. She had a huge turnaround afterward!
You can also provide multiple sources of food and water for your chicks. When my birds were forming the pecking order (14-20 weeks old), they began to become protective of food and water and prevented other birds from eating or drinking when they wanted. I added 2 more feeders and waterers and quickly put that to an end. Normally chicks are not super bossy with each other, so definitely keep an eye on this chick. Maybe you can provide a small dose of medicine with a syringe orally for the chick as it could be some form of illness.
Well its a new day and all is good in the brooder. When I came down to change their water they were all sleeping and now their stuffing their faces with food.
Good to hear that chick survive, I have 16 chicks, 2 weeks old now
they survive. I am still checking on them at least once at night to make sure they have food, and they do eat a lot and I talk to them when I am with them and they talk to each other, I always what they talk to each other...

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