Baby chick with labored breathing HELP!


8 Years
May 24, 2011
Hi group! This is my first group of chicks. I have a salmon faverolle (SP?) that is 3-4 days old and she is breathing heavy all the time.I noticed it being constant yesterday. No real gasping but not really moving around, tho she will still eat and walk around on occasion. I have separated her from the others and given her water with tetracycline. I also dosed the water for the rest of the girls because a few are breathing hard now too but they are acting normal. Is there anything else I can do? Do you think Tylan would be a better choice antibiotic? I am freaking out a little with this bring my first group of chicks.

Thank for the advice!
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I don't think so... most of the time the chicks hang in the middle of the brooder (except when the a/c in the house comes on). It may have been warmer then they liked for the first day but I pulled the light up a little and they seem happy now.
As far as antibiotics are concerned, because I have no idea what's going on with them, I wouldn't recommend one over the other.
Have you seen them puffed up in the corner and acting lethargic? I'm wondering if it could be coccidiosis?
She is much quieter than the others and mostly lays around and eats what is in front of her. I just listened to her with my stethoscope and there is a clearthud sound when she breaths on the right side under her wing. Is that helpful?
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