Baby chick with open wound!!!


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Oct 11, 2007
I have a broody sitting on a nest that is starting to hatch I have been removeing the chicks as I will be raising them myself, a few to keep and some to sell, I find broody raised chicks a little flighty. Well went out yesterday right before I had to leave and there was a chick one of the crosses I was hoping for and she has a triangluar shaped wound on her back about 1/3 inch long per side well I was thinking cull but didn't have the time before I had to leave. So I put some vet RX ( homepathis type ointment with pain relief) and assumed she would not make it until I was home. Well got home late and she was still alive said I would DO HER this morning woke up and she is chirping up a storm. Wound still seems pretty open so wondering if I should try to close it. or just leave her seperated from the other chicks and see how she does, or do the DEED. The wound is to the meat I can see her ribs but she is very perky this AM.


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Aug 20, 2008
I would see what happens- my dog bit a hole in one of my chicks a few weeks ago and she had a BONE popping up- I did nothing but keep it clean and keep her seperate and she is FINE all with no antibiotics!!!!
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Sep 7, 2008
The chick will likely heal up just fine. Whatever you do, do NOT put her in with a bunch of other chicks. They will pick at her wound, and likely kill her. Sounds like you have a real pet on your hands. Good luck!

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