baby chicks dieing


8 Years
May 30, 2011
Danville, Arkansas
someone pls pls help im new to the chicken thing and i just hatched out some baby chicks about week half ago but for some reason they r all dieing one by one and i dont know why. they seem fine at first but then out of no where they will lose strength and just lay down eyes close then with in few hours they r dead and i dont know why. i did buy a silkie baby chick that was few days old last week it died the next day same way then after that one of my older chicks outside died same way then all my new born hatch chicks started to does anyone know whats going on :'( i clean out the box everyday got heat lamp fresh water and food it stays around 93 degrees out in the brooder box so i know not from over heating so idk pls someone help me i love my baby chicks and hate having to bury them
thanks thought the chicken then be easy but really hard work lol i love all my chickens tho and hate to see my babies die cuz i was really looking forword on watching them grow even tho most of them was roosters lol

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