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Apr 19, 2013
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Being new at chicks are about 5 weeks old (and pretty big). At what point do I add (or should I already) grit to their diet? And any other treats (mealworms) or veggies?
Mine are the same age and I would love to know the answer to this as well. They are on chick starter/grower and they are outside in a penned area on nice days and eat various things that they find.
Most popular answers:

Never -- they'll get grit from the soil where they scratch up the insects and such that would require grit to digest. Nothing but chick feed until then.

Now -- give grit and start introducing them to "treats". It helps with taming to hand feed them.

Later at (insert #) weeks. They're too young and should only get chick feed until then.

Take your pick :)
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If they are only eating chick feed they dont need grit. If you decide to feed them extras then they will need grit. Mine are 4 weeks tomorrow and have been getting extras since day 4 or 5 with no problems. Its all up to you a hen will have chicks out at just a few days old.

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