Baby chicks for sale in Laurel or Hburg

You may want to join your state thread. You might have BYCers living in your area.
Just put state name in the search box and it will come up.
Welcome. I second drumstick diva's suggestion. Find your local thread and see who you can find! Also check the events and meetups. It's toward the bottom of the forum list. There are several chicken and livestock sales and meetups in my area this time of the year, maybe you can find one near you.
Hi and welcome to BYC. You have some good pointers already so I'll wish you the best of luck!

I have chicks hat Hing. Looking for Crossbred. Otherwise you should contact Carl Thompson in Blairsville, PA. Carl has bunches of chicks. Of different ages. He's an old time farmer without the internet. I will send you his phone number. You'll get an answering machine and he will call you back.
He has a Light Sussex cock and runs him over hens of:
Light Sussex, Dark Brown Leghorn Light Brown Leghorn, Rhode island Red, Ancona, ,and Cuckoo Marans. I think he has gotten rid of all but the Light Sussex. But he should still have chicks from all the crosses.

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