Baby chicks hatched but barely moving


7 Years
May 28, 2012
We've had a pair of hens brooding and the eggs are starting to hatch I think. The problem is I'm finding dead chicks that look like they have hatched early? They are curled up like in an egg and there is no eggshell left. Is it possible that the hens are pecking the shell or something. We've got one barely alive with straw and goo very stuck to his wing. Any tips? We are new to this. Thanks.

They are Buff orpingtons

How long have they been sitting on the eggs? I know chickens will eat the chicks sometimes, but just the shell? Something's not right here. Can you tell us a bit more?
Well must have been born weak or something she now has 3 healthy chicks. thanks for the reply
just for future reference i've heard that if a chick is really lethargic or is really weak to give it a little bit of sugar water and it should help give the chick the little boost that he/she needs to start eating and drinking

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