Baby chicks in my coop......what should i do? Please answer!!!


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Apr 5, 2008
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I had left about five eggs in the coop for the past silkie hen had been sitting on them for awhile but i wasn't sure if she was broodie...she would get up occasionally and take a walk and etc.......Well i went out today and there are 3 baby chicks under her.....Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww:love

Now here is my question......They are in a coop with the rooster....he has free access to the run and coop.....Will he bother them once they start running around?

Also the food and water is up on a ledge...the babies could not get up there if they tried.

Should i bring them in? I would prefer to leave them with mama if i could.

Please let me kwow asap.....

Thanks so much,
Personally, I'd give mom and babies their own place away from the other chickens period. They don't need to be around other roo's OR hens if ya ask me. Mom doesn't need competition to get to feed and water since she has been working so hard hatching out those babies
VERY COOL that you have new ones!! CONGRATS!!
Awww. how awesome! Every flock is different. I've heard as many stories of roosters who are protective and fatherly towards chicks as roosters who are not so nice. If your hen is one of the dominant birds she'd probably alright, but if she's on the low end of the pecking order, her chicks will get bullied.

With the food and water high up, I would give them their own space if you can. But it is definitely easier to raise chicks when they have a mama with them.
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She is the only hen in the coop....I only have one rooster and 1 hen in that pen and coop. He seems to be leaving them alone.

I hate to say it but i think the babies have been under her for a couple days. They look pretty healthy and strong. I just hadn't thought to look under her.

I think i will just move the water down. How do i get them to eat chick starter and not the lay crumble.....oh my goodness i'm still in shock. I'm a grandma to triplets. LOL!!
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If you haven't done it yet I'd make sure the waterer was chick proof--put some marbles or rocks in there so you don't have any drowned chicks. Not sure about living with the roo, mamma will protect them, but I think a lot of it comes down to individual temperment and amount of space available. I've seen posts where it's worked and a few where it hasn't turned out so well. You know your set up and birds best.

ETA: If you keep them all together you coulc just switch to flockraiser or gambird feed so the little ones will have enough protein and not get overloaded on calcium. It won't be medicated though so make sure to have some Corid on hand just in case. If you seperate them mamma can eat the starter, she won't be laying for awhile so the lack of calcium won't hurt anything.

Congrats on the fuzzy butts!!! Where Are The Pictures???
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There are five!!! They all are black!!!! Sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!

I went out and watched how the roo was behaving with them and he does seem fine.

I put out some water with the marbles...thank you Kittymama for that suggestion.
I think that's a great idea, since you've only got one hen and one roo......they should be fine. But just keep an eye on them just in case......for a little while. And lowering the food and water is a good idea.

I agree, just put chick starter down for everyone. If you have a kennel or something to put the roo in, they may be ideal if he messes with the chicks.

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