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    I just got my chicks the other day from Ideal and I have had a few causalties:hit they said to call them Monday with what I have lost and the problem is I dont really know which ones I did lose. I got so many different colors and breeds it hard to tell what is what. I ordered 4 ducks (that's easy) and 12 chicks. I can tell I have silkies, polish, a turken, and frizzles. I also ordered a golden laced and a partridge cochin bantam and 2 milli fleur'd uccles. I think that my mystery chicks might be a milli and the partridge cochin. please help if you can. also i started comparing my invoice to the chicks and some of the colors where different. so i dont know if the cochin will even be one of those colors. Thanks so much.
    [​IMG][​IMG] i will be uploading the rest of the chicks pics tonight on post them on "raising baby chicks" so be sure to watch for them. they are soo cute. then again arent they all:love
  2. Chick two looks like the partridge cochin. I am just guesssing but I have seen the chicks before and they are dark like that. Someone else should be able to help out more.

    Sorry you lost some [​IMG]

    Cute chicks!
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