Baby chics: Gender?

You can tell by there feathers. If the feathers are pointed at the end then they are roosters and if there rounded at the end they are hens
Many times you can't
Some you can in a couple of weeks if they are color sexes
When some rows of feathers come in

Some you can't tell at all until their actually crowing or laying an egg
Some you can by sex link
And some
You thought was sure a hen, even at 3 months and it was a rooster

I Gage a lot by having the same breed hatch, then compare as they grow by size of comb..Attitude, strut, etc

But iam new to this

Iam stoked some of my next two hatches are wheatens so I should be able to tell in a couple of weeks

And yes, some you can tell by how they feather out and that's the wait also..etc
Vent sexing also

So hope the pros chime in for u
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