Baby Crested Gecko


In the Brooder
9 Years
Oct 19, 2010
Long Island, NY
I'm letting go one of the babies I was holding back, Carnegie. I've decided I'm only going to keep it's sibling. Right now it is unsexed at 4.4 grams. Eating CGD and not much of a bug eater.

Looking for 60$ plus shipping, but shoot me an offer.





Thats is one nice looking Gecko. My son has a leopard gecko and we love him. Very friendly but don't think they could live together if this one turns out to be a boy.

What is CGD?
No they couldnt live together... they have totally different habitat needs. The Crested Gecko doesn't take heat lamps or UV lighting. They like it an ambient temperature around 70 degrees. They also like foliage to hide on and rest on, making them nice additions to a terrarium, which with the addition of life becomes a vivarium. They also enjoy water fountains and hunting crickets. I had these easy keepers for many years. They are delightful and remind me of little dragons.
he is gorgeous and tempting... I don't have a good set up or space right now for him... best wishes though!!

Very nice looking.

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