Baby Cuckoo Marans not eating or drinking


Nov 26, 2015
I purchased 4 baby chicks yesterday that are supposed to be 3 cuckoo marans and 1 pekin. The cuckoos are supposed to be about 6 weeks old and the pekin around 8. For starters I think the seller lied to me about their age. After reading through many of the threads on here about Pekin and Cuckoos I think they are much younger.

My biggest fear though is the smallest chick, one of the cuckoos and I think the only female, is not eating or drinking. She is smaller than the others and only has a couple of actual feathers on her wings, unlike the others are both starting to look a bit strange.

We have tried feeding her mash, milk soaked cereal, and a mixture of finely cut leafy veg and rice. She tried to peck at the rice, but does not successfully get any into her mouth. I also have no yet seen her drink any water, and here in QLD Australia it's very hot. She is very sleepy, no where near as energetic as the other chicks, she has also started flopping on to the ground and drooping her wings.

Any advice at this point would be appreciated. I am unsure on how to force feed her some water or if this even a good idea? And should I leave her in the coop with her siblings or keep her inside in a box with me to watch? Over protective new mum alert!

The youngest who is not eating, hopefully a girl

The largest cuckoo, possible roo

Chick on left; middle sized cuckoo, very light in colour with a big spot, I suspect is definitely a roo
Top middle; this bigger chick is meant to be the Pekin. She definitely has short fluffy left like a pekin, but colours like the cuckoo. I am hoping she is a girl as she only has a very small pale comb.
Someone lied to you.These are baby chicks. maybe somewhere between 1 and 2 weeks old. They need supplemental heat to about 85 degrees. Check them for pasty butt. It's when poop get stuck on the butt and forms a seal over the anus. The bird can't poop and withers away and dies. If you find the poop. Take a soft cotton ball and dampen with warm water. Very gently massage the bum until the seal comes off. Poop may also shoot out at the same time. Put a bit of petroleum jelly on the bum to keep more poop from sticking.
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The chick needs energy. if you were in the USA, I would recommend Bovidr Labs Poultry Nutri-Drench as it does not need to be digested and the chick is already weak. Do you have any kind of electrolyte solution for chicks there in Oz? If so, find out how much to give the chick and give it orally.
The chicks were already out in the yard when I collected them, certainly bigger than the ones that were inside in incubators.

I will do some research on both those products. How did I get the littlest one to drink water? The eldest one keeps taking it over to the bowl and showing it what to do, but it's just not interested.
I've checked out their bums, they all seem to be popping just fine. Their eyes are clear and free from gunk, same with their noses and ears. No bugs on them or spots in their skin.
So I managed to find someone in my local area who I could take the chicks too. They've aged them at 3-5 weeks. I have medicated food as well some medication to put in their water. I have a recipe to make an electrolyte solution and have been advised to give them baths during the day and lamp them inside at night. Hope my little lady pulls through.
I put together a comfy box for the family and they have all had the biggest feed and drink yet. I was able to force the sick girl to drink some of the water...but I fear she may not last the night. She is asleep on her own away from the others and her beak keeps shaking something fierce :( While the other birds are not truing to injure her, they keep walking straight over the top of her.
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