Baby it's cold outside! (well soon anyway!)


6 Years
Sep 1, 2013
I'm new to raising chickens and my four girls are spoiled with anything a chicken could want. They are like having four dogs and my golden retriever has become the fifth chicken! I know it's early to be thinking of cold weather, but what does everyone do for their chickens to protect them in the cold? I would never leave my dog outside in a southern NJ winter and it is worrying me what to do for the girls to keep them warm since my husband would probably frown upon the idea if I suggested they come inside on a snowy day! :) I have the heat lamp from when they were chicks but the fire hazard makes me nervous. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :)
When ny hens lived in their old coop, I would use these giant plastic bags ( I would use them for putting leaves from raking in) and clip them on the netting part where the cold wind could seep through in.

The old coop we used a dog fence for the outside.

When I changed the flock into a bigger coop I didn't worry about the cold getting in.

This is the bigger coop before it was renovated, before it was an old building on our property that we never used though I think that the previous people who lived here sheltered their sheep in there.
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I don't use heat in my coops in SE Pa. Chickens do well in the winter in their down coats. Just make sure the coop blocks the wind and is still well ventilated.

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