Baby quail chick with leg issues, please help!

Feb 9, 2021
Hello! I hatched out a couple coturnix quail chicks about a week ago, and one of them hatched with curled toes and splayed feet. I started working on those two problems, and one of her feet now has "normal" toes. The splayed leg problem isn't completely fixed, but now the right leg with the normal toes ROTATED 90 degrees to the outside. Please help, how do you fix this?!?

I have tried to band, the leg still awkwardly sits rotated. Should I make a splint? How can I fixture the leg in the right position?


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The cast I put on him didn't work, I think the tendon popped out of place again. Could anyone please say how to get it back in it's socket? I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong...

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