Baby Run

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    Jul 23, 2014
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    Finally had a nice day outside when I was home all day so I could let the babies out into their run. They were very hesitant to come out so I had to pick them up and set them out! One Easter Egger kept running back up my arm everytime I tried to set her down, but I finally got her to stay on the ground. After about 5 minutes of standing perfectly still she finally noticed her sisters hanging out in the corner and she ran off to join them.Silly girl! They must have worn themselves out, when I went back to check on them at 6pm they had tucked themselves into a heap in the coop and were sound asleep!
    [​IMG]My scared EE babygirl!She had a deathgrip on my fingers!

    [​IMG] The rest of the babygirls hanging out in the corner, "Hey I found a bug!"

    [​IMG] Finally got her off my hand!
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    Aug 21, 2015
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    SO cute! It's always the sweetest thing when the little chicks go outside for the first times.
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    Awwww. They'll get the hang of it, just wait and see! Enjoy!

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