Baby shower brunch--ideas??

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Because my shower will be outside in JULY--(think 100 degrees) we decided to do a brunch about 10:30am rather than a late evening when the mosquitoes will be out & people will be expecting more food!

So here is what I have on the menu (so far):

Fresh fruit (probably bananas, oranges, strawberries, blueberries and kiwi?)

Bagels & cream cheese (maybe two flavors of bagels & two of cream cheese?)

A couple breakfast casseroles and another one? Or maybe breakfast burritos??

I was thinking croissants, muffins or scones since there will be cake...

Coffee, (iced & hot), tea, and various kinds of juice....

What else? I'm on a pretty tight budget (and yes, I'm paying for some of this and my two helpers are also pitching in)....but we're all broke! LOL
here ya go..we used to make this ALL of the time at Tea THyme restaurant we served HUNDREDS of brunches to ppl!

easy peasy:

cucumbers (you can get the seedless ones if you wish), peeled ..not all the way; we kept on some of the peel; peeled a strip, skipped, peeled a strip etc..
rye bread (you can get wheat or white too..if youw ish)
Chive/onion cream cheese (you can get flavored Philly cream cheese..even WM has the WM brand)

take said cucumbers; slice
spread said cr. cheese onto bread pieces
lay cucumber on top of the bread slice
take a cute cookie cutter; think simple tho; heart, circle..something simple..and use it to cut a shape out..

you have cute shaped tea-finger food sandwiches;
I would go without the bananas on the fruit plate - they brown quickly. I would not go with the burritos - they can be a pain to make and messy to eat. Bagels - I would do the mini bagels. I would think that if you were going to do bagels, you wouldnt have to do another bread item. All else sounds great, have fun!
Fruit k -bobs. Saw these last weekend. They were displayed stuck into an upsidedown watermelon shell. Cantalope, Honeydew melon Watermelon balls, strawberries and grapes. Beautiful and not messy.
3rd baby here due july 12th. We have a baby shower brunch this weekend! This is what we are doing :

melon salad with yogurt dressing
apple fritters
deviled eggs
finger sandwiches ( might have to steal the cucumber idea!)
chocolate dipped strawberries
muffins and croissants and cinnamon rolls

mocktails ( virgin daquiris, mimosa)
iced green tea with fresh mint
coffee with special chocolate dipped spoons

and I'm making the cake which will be a pregnant belly bust

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