baby silkie chicks just this a buff???


7 Years
May 21, 2012
south Ga
My babies just arrived...and the box had been soaked (rained on), the lid was almost totally off and the chicks were sitting on top of the box!!! the inside was still wet and the poor babies fluffy feet were still wet
but they all seemed very healthy and alert, and after some water and food are all running around happily
there were supposed be two buffs, two whites and one black....but one of the buffs has lines on its head and it slightly darker red than the other are the pictures...sorry about the lighting
they are on a white paper towel for color comparison
the one on the left is white (really more cream, but I assume that is will be a white :) and right is buff for comparison

Ok the one in the front with the lines on its head is the chick in question?
white/cream chick back left: buff chick back right

this is of all five :) buff in front, 2 cream/whites on each side, one black on right.....chick in middle????not a buff like it is supposed to be or am I wrong?

one more of them all...they are just TOO CUTE!!!!!

Ok last one :)

Has anyone else had a chick that looked like the one with lines on it? others are cream/white and buff all are so very adorable!
Yes the buff and whites are very close, but the buff deff. is more orange... they all have crests but one has muffs and a beard also!!! I think he is a roo as he is much larger than the rest, more active and very, very, very concerned about preening himself haha also the striped one has me guessing roo also because of his attitude as well and because they are strait run I would think I have a few girls and a few boys :) and I like to guess early haha not that it doe any good
are muff and beards common in hachery stock?
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