Baby Sultan VERY sick!!! Please help!!!

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  1. Pureheaven15

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    Jul 16, 2011
    I have a baby (less than a week) bantam sultan who is very sick. She won't, or can't, eat or drink by herself. She is terribly weak and will not open her eyes. I purchased her and a sibling from a local feed store and the sibling is doing just fine. I have her under 95 degrees and have been syringe watering and feeding her a mash of starter crumbles. She seems to "eat" as long as I do this but not enough to say so. She is getting weaker and I am dreading the inevitable. She is just so weak! Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated, I really do not want to lose her!
  2. froggiesheins

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    Oct 14, 2010
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    Quote:Was she like this when you purchased her? Some times mother nature plays crummy tricks on us, and it is possible that this chick is one of those....I bites really bad. It sounds like you are doing all you can, but these things can happen. Inform the store you got her from, sometimes they will reimburse you IF you do lose her. Best of luck to you.
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    Jul 16, 2008
    Have you tried getting some sugar water down her? I've used that with an eye dropper and it's saved some chicks that I thought wouldn't make it.
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    Guessing it's a case of coccidiosis (there doesn't have to be blood present in their stool for it to be cocci, sometimes just being weak, sleeping too much, not their normal selves can be signs of it). When you have young chicks, you should have medicine for it on hand. Hoping she's still around by the morning and that you have a feed store near you that's open on a Sunday.
  5. Hot2Pot

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    Feb 1, 2010
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    I would suggest chick electrolytes and vitamins. Plus mashed boiled egg yolk is perfect chick food. Lots of protein. Good luck.

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