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    Feb 21, 2014

    I sold off my duck operation in SoCal last April and moved to NC. This time I own the place, 5 acres about 10 miles south of Morganton. I try not to think about my last 6 months in CA on the farm because it got so ugly I want to get violent about it.

    Anyhow, I need to ask what may be some basic questions to make sure I don't make any new mistakes this time around.

    I have plotted out QTY 12, 25' by 100' and 25' X 50' pens, all will have 6 foot high electrified fencing with a 25' x 10' covered structures with individual egg nests to lay eggs on. I will be expanding with Muscovy, Khaki Campbell, Jumbo Pekin and Geese Turkeys and Quail/Keats. with no less than 25 sq ft per bird with letting them out into the rest of the field on a one breed at a time rotational basis. I will also continue with the nn GMO organic feed, New Country Organics from LOTUS in Asheville.

    Now the question: I can orient these pens N-S so that half of them fall within one of 3 wooded areas on the farm of I can go E-W and have half the pens in wooded areas and half out in the field. My concern and question is will access to pine needles cause harm to my fowl. I think they would love wooded shade, but I don't want any ill effects from pine needles if they would be inclined to eat them.



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