Back from the State Fair of Texas!!!

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  1. We'll I'm back from the State Fair.... at least for the evening. It was SUCH a long day, and as my luck would have it, it was also Texas vs. OU weekend, so it was a complete madhouse. For those of you that dont know, Texas vs. OU (Oklahoma University) is THE college football game of the year here. People loose all self control when it comes to this game, and everyone goes completely NUTS!

    In any event, judging is over, and the awards will be announced tomorrow at 1pm. I have tenatively gotten 4 Best of Varieties with my Black, Blue, Buff, and Buff Showgirl. Of course nothing is final until awards are announced.

    I think we stood in the isle for HOURS talking to HUNDREDS of people about the Silkie breed. People are absolutely FACSINATED with this breed. Myself and another friend of mine each grabbed a bird, and held it while people passed by and asked us questions and petted the birds. It was really funny because we got the usual questions like "Is it a chicken or a rabbit?" "Does it lay regular eggs?" "Does it make noise like a chicken?" "Why does it have fur and not feathers?" So all in all it was a very informative day, at least for the general public. We were able to educate and inform SO MANY people, so it was really reallly fun.

    I'll post pictures tomorow. For now I am going to bed because I am EXHAUSTED!!! And I've got to be back there at 7am tomorrow morning.
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    Glad you had a good time Chris. Did you win anything??? Your Texas/UO is like our USC/UCLA game. MADNESS
  3. Tenatively I've got 4 Best of Varieties. Awards are tomorrow, so I dont know what they are. I know that cash premiums is probably involved, but beyond that I'm not quite sure. I think the give out a lot of differnt things. I'll have a complete update tomorrow evening.
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    Congrats on your 4 Best of Varieties. I'd get so tired of answering those questions.
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    Everyone is a newbie once (I still am), and I hope I speak for most, but I always appreciate the answers to our endless questions! So a sincere thank you for all that you did today to educate them!

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    I saw your birds! They were my SO's favorite . . . congrats! [​IMG]
    I actually went to Dallas for a wedding on the 10th, but I knew about the state fair and told my SO that I didn't care about how many crazy football fans will be clogging up the parking lots and fairgrounds . . . chickens will be there and I wanna see them! I think it was actually the first time he's seen a turkey up close, poor guy. So deprived [​IMG]
    Good luck for tomorrow . . . I know you'll be dead tired by the end of it all [​IMG]

    Oh, and if you get any time at all to go see a show or something, I'd recommend the Birds of the World show at the band shell. Besides the livestock, it was the only reason I bothered going to the fair at all when I used to live around there. I usually see it multiple times a day and it's always worth it. Plus, they have trained chickens in it [​IMG]
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    GOOD LUCK, I hope you and your Silkies did well. and thanks for educating the general public about you chickens. If I had asked back when we were showing horses at fair time maybe I would have had chickens a lot sooner. [​IMG]
  8. Quote:Even though it can be really tiring, its actually quite fun. I mean, when else do you have someone else THIS interested in your birds, and you get to actually talk about this THIS much? We just ate it up!

    It gave us an opportunity to promote the breed, educate the public, and of course do what we absolutely LOVE!

    Its the most fun when the kids come around. They are just amazed by the fluff! I always try to make sure that every interested kid gets to pet the birds, and ask their own questions without the parents guidance. After all, they are really the ones that matter, since they are the future of our fancy!

    When I was unloading yesterday and getting cooped in, there were two cute little kids that had come up to the cage. And when I turned and noticed them, the little boy was meowing at them like it was a kitten! LOL They were so cute.

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