Back in or pull into parking spot?

first time farmer

11 Years
Dec 31, 2008
New Hampshire
Do you back in or pull into parking spots? Me any my dad we talking about this last night. So i just wanted to see how you all do it.

I back my truck in almost 90% of the time
I prefer to back in. I find it a lot easier and I can use the mirrors. Here in Okinawa, most of the vans have a mirror on the back window so you can see how close you are getting.
I pull in.

But I like to find a spot with an empty spot in front of it, so I can pull all of the way through, and be facing out.
I usually pull in.

I like to back in, but most of the shopping centers around here have the angled parking spaces with the up and down aisles. If you backed in, when you pull out, you'll be going the wrong way. And, I won't back in if there's someone behind me because they'd be waiting on me and that feels rude.

I think if you're driving a longer vehicle its easier to pull out of the space so i understand the backing in thing if you're in a truck or a big car.
My dad says he does what ever is easier at the time. But I have a thing with parking. I always back in unless i cant for some reason. My girlfriend is the worst driver lol i have to back her car up all time. I always use my mirrors.
I like to do that too. I like to be facing out, because I drive a mini-van and I am always afraid that if I back up some little kid will be walking behind my van and I wont see them.

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