Back to the flock. Finally!


7 Years
Apr 30, 2013
Everett, WA
Good morning all! I am excited to be returning to chickens after a long, long pause. I grew up with many feathered friends and life finally allows for them again. Yay! I do have a puzzling concern and I posted in the emergencies forum about myth three week old faverolle chick walking like a penquin but have yet to get a response. Any advice on standing out? Really don't want to cull if I can rehab. Plus I only have two chicks at this point...
Welcome to BYC and back to the world of poultry keeping/raising. I'm sorry, but I have no advice as to the problem with your chick.
Greetings from Kansas, Soliloquie, and
! Pleased to have you back in the flock! I think you should post again - might have been a slow day and it got bumped to page two...maybe fresh eyes will find it if you post again. Best wishes!
has he always walked like that? Have you checked him over for any broken bones, punctures or other wounds. Do feet and legs seem normal? Is he eating/drinking normally.

Does he have normal(for him) poo or is his butt plastered with it? If you post again in emergencies please answer guestions if able ? You might want to use caps to say 'HELP. YOUNG CHICK WALKS LIKE PENQUIN." to catch someone's eye.

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