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Oct 19, 2018
yikes. I am terrified of rattle snakes because one time when I was about 6, I was out playing in the yard with my mom and Grandma watching me and while I was playing on the ground, a 3 1/2 foot rattle snake was heading towards me and I didn't notice the snake until it was five feet away from me.and when I noticed the snake I started screaming for my daddy and was running as fast as my little legs could go.so yeah, I am terrified of rattle snakes.
Oh my! Glad u weren’t bit! The one we saw was 4.5 feet atleast!
Sorry for the bad photo, i had to zoom in. Was a good 13 feet from it.
However he was a good 4.5 foot snake!


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Nov 29, 2012
So. Calif.
Guess I must've always liked chickens. Mom took a pic of me alongside her first hens on her new farm 73 yrs ago! She certainly wasn't teaching me how to hold a hen the right way! But then, on a farm chickens are just livestock and not pets!
No 052 - Sylvia 2 years old - looks like the side of Vista farm storage building.png
No 054 - Sylvia 2 years old - looks like Vista farm storage bldg and with Bunia's chickens.png
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