on "The Wayback Machine" -- Check out the evolution of BYC over time!

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Apr 21, 2008
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BYC has changed over and over again since 2000, according to The Wayback Machine, which is an archive of web pages.

The following is really, REALLY cool... Check it out!

Here's the site homepage:*/ Use the bar at the top to view available snapshots of BYC year-by-year, and click on the blue circles (included in a few months each year) to see different views over time.

Here's what the forum looked like: Notice how different forum categories changed.
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The homepage from February 2004... What is that yellow, slug-looking thing in tennis shoes? Where is Tudy?

**Notice that our pal Tudy got a bit of a makeover for the change to this new forum platform, too! She now has more of a comb and some tailfeathers.
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