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    Jan 18, 2009
    We have been losing Austroloup hens one by one. All have been under one year of age. The last one we did a necropsy ourselfs and sent photos to a commercial chicken expert. (no vets in the area do chickens)
    The hen was emaciated, had a full crop and gizzard (with food from at least 48 hours before)
    She also had several round, white solid lumps throughout her body cavity. Cut open they were solid and firm. Chicken person said they were bacteria colonies. ( I cant find any info on the web)
    Anyway our last Austroloup is going down hill as well, she is thinner than our other chickens, still eats. no longer lays eggs ( has not for weeks)
    her comb is looking dry and purplish.
    They have been wormed several times, free range and get laying crumbles.
    ACV is mixed with thier water.

    suggestions? Treatments?
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    If it is bacterial you will need antibiotics. Sorry I can't help more. I really don't know too much about chicken medicine. Hopefully others here will chime in. There are some great medical minds on BYC.
    It would be very helpful if you could post pix. Good luck.

    Sorry you've been losing chickens.


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