Bad batch of feed?

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Jan 18, 2009
My chicks that were going lame are doing better now! I started them on a new batch of feed and put a vitamin supplement in their water yesterday. I was pleased to find this morning that most of them are doing a little better. I had initially thought they had some sort of infectious disease that was affecting their legs but now I think they have a vitamin deficiency or the bag of feed I was using was defective. It'll be a few more days before I can tell for sure, but until then I'm staying away from that food brand!
How old are your chicks? Sometimes a nutritional deficiency in the hen can cause it in the chicks within the first few days. What brand of feed were you using?
They are 3 weeks old and 5 weeks old. The younger ones are from Ideal hatchery and the older ones are from eggs my neighbor gave me (they are being fostered by one of my own broody hens at the moment). The feed was "swanson farms natural" chick starter 21%. Not sure it's the feed yet but since 2 out of the 4 chicks do seem to be doing drastically better on the new feed and vitamins, it could have been.

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