bad hatching day... some dead some going that way

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by bethinoklahoma, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. bethinoklahoma

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    Dec 18, 2008
    I told my kids to go out and play so I went to.
    I did and my bator now is in bad shape. Not sure what went wrong. everyone was hatching but now dying. some expelling yolk sak even. Some never left the egg all the way. I have water and wet paper towels. No one looks dry yet so Im guessing this is the problem. AnnaBell is crying and blames me. DANG.... So I suck at this.... Do you think they will all die?
  2. nicoletm24

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    Jul 11, 2010
    don't beat yourself up over this [​IMG]
    it happens... they may make a recovery. you never know.
    this is a learning thing, my whole first hatch died [​IMG]
    but i am trying it 19 now, and have some have no idea how worried I am. but, mother nature will do whats right.

    good luck [​IMG]

  3. chickee

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    Quote:So sorry [​IMG] Sounds like your temperatures ran too high during incubation. Hoping some chicks make it for your kids to raise [​IMG]
  4. mlove

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    Feb 25, 2010
    I'm so sorry. [​IMG] I have only incubated once and none of them made it.
  5. bethinoklahoma

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    Dec 18, 2008
    well we have about 75% still the ones that died were bad...
    Good luck on your hatch and thanks for the kind words both of you.
    Not sure if this is something I will ever do again...
  6. NaomiSarah

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    Jul 4, 2010
    Oh, don't quit!!!! Death is hard for kids, but you can use this as an opportunity to teach them something SO valuable, and that is that death is out of our control and that sometimes we can be the most careful ever and still experience a loss. It's a good lesson in enjoying the moment - at any time, no matter how unexpectedly, things can change and it's important to enjoy while we can.

    I've lost a ton of chicks so far. It does hurt and it's very disappointing, but remember that if you quit now, you'll carry with you the idea that you failed at hatching eggs or that you did something wrong. If you try again, you'll eventually succeed, and it will be so so so worth it. It's a healing experience, to do it over again and pay closer attention, it's healing to the soul, too, to create and nurture something when you feel bad for having had such a sad first experience.

    I'm sorry this went so poorly for you, but I do hope you'll try again. I feel your pain, having had a similar experience, but I encourage you to try again, even if just for the sake of showing your kids that it's good to keep trying. :)
  7. Mrs. K

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    Nov 12, 2009
    western South Dakota
    Really if you have 75%, you have done outstanding! It is important to teach your children that life is not a guarantee. That if you are going to have the joy of life, then you must risk the grief of loss. Do not let her blame you, it is not your fault. It goes that way sometimes.

    100% hatching is unrealistic. Mrs.K
  8. *comfort* [​IMG]

    While it hurts to endure the loss of those who haven't experienced life, we can still take joy in the ones who are with us. Don't blame yourself for those who barely started; cherish those whose lives depend on you now. And don't avoid the unpleasant fact that not all chicks make it, because when you veer away from it, you also avoid the joy of those who are strong and vital enough to stay.

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