Bad off hen....Need help putting down!


7 Years
Mar 29, 2012
Petawawa, Ontario
I rescued some hens four months ago from a very bad place and one of them was always bad off. She was doing her thing and seemed to be healing but, is now really bad. I know that I need to put her out of her misery but, dont know how. This was never an illness just injuries.

Could anyone please tell me the best way to deal with this. I have never had to and dont think my dog vet will be of any help here. Thanks for any help we can get.
Never easy to end a life you wished to save. If you are squeamish about using a gun or an ax (I can't do it), get someone else to do it for you. If you are against this type death, call your dog vet and see what they have to offer. They can give the hen an overdose of injectable anesthesia. Or they may know of a vet who can help you with your problem.

On the other hand, what is wrong with the hen?
She and her sisters came from a farm where they were treated horribly. They were locked in a stall that had wire and glass everywhere. When I took them they were all in rough shape. We treated all their wounds and all are doing well. "Lady" has always been the one in the worst condition and we thought she was getting better. I went out 4 days ago to find her bleeding. One of her worst (we actually stiched it) cuts had burst(???), possibly an infection under the healed area. I seperated her and treated her but, she has only gotten worse. She is now not eating or drinking and is having difficulty standing. Like I said she was always bad of.
So everyone else is just fine and we had to make a decision. It is very hard on our 6 yr old twins and dont want anyone to suffer any longer.
Thanks for you advice, and thoughts.
I'm sorry it was so blunt, My brother just had to do it to one of our good egg layers last night, she got caught in a steel trap and was getting pretty bad.
No I meant thank you.......! She was a daily layer and one of my favorites but, I dont want a long drawn out process. I would rather blunt and quick.
Just make sure to thank her for all your eggs! It always helps me to be very gentle and I can't look at the deed but I'm ok once it's over with. I can't do it! and I like your name. Mine is LindsAY also! :)
Thanks for the kind words. I know this is best and will be ok once it is over. She is a good girl but, wont suffer any longer. At least we gave her four good months and were repaid for that with her personality!!

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