Bad Prolapse....Something Fell Off


10 Years
May 25, 2009
Long Island, New York
My 6 year old hen prolapsed a couple of days ago. I separated her and she's been in a dog kennel in the shed. She's acting like herself, but since more stuff has fallen out of her vent. Today I took her and and attempted to clean the area and push it back in. I soaked her in warm water, applied Preparation H, and tried to push it back in, but she kept pushing it back out. The last part handing out, which was the fist to come out, then broke in half and a piece came off. BARF!!

I'm starting her on antibiotics and will keep the area clean. She'll either pull through or get worse, in which case we'll put her down.
Has anyone seen a piece of their insides fall off like that??
Was the piece of tissue necrotic/dead/shriveled up? Have you managed to push remaining tissue back in? You could also try giving her additional calcium in the form of liquid calcium or tums/calcium tablets.
You could try using a water based lubricant and gently push back in. You can also bandage prolapse to keep it in place. Sugar is also used to treat prolapse issues.
You have to be commended for helping her. She may have had part of the prolapsed tissue die, and fell off. Many hens with bad prolapses do not survive, especially if more tissue keeps coming out farther. When pushing it back in, try holding it in for 10 minutes with a rubber glove on your hand, and try holding her to get her to relax. Epsom salt soaks daily can help with keeping her vent area clean and help to soothe the area. Keeping her in a darkened cage or closet for 16 hours a day, may help her stop laying eggs which will give the vent a chance to heal. If more internal tissue or organs fall out, I would put her down. Here are a couple of good links in case you haven't read them:
You mention stuff falling out of vent,but was it actually pieces of her vent? Contents falling out of vent could be impacted feces or even pieces of egg contents as both can contribute to a prolapse(straining to poop if feces are impacted/dried out or even a stuck egg).
There is what looks like 3 parts that are hanging out. She stopped laying 2 years ago. I'll continue to clean the area and apply lubrication and Preparation H. Thank you!

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